Capitalism in Crisis is taking a short break.  We’ll be right back…as the stomach-churning saga of Zombie-nomics…continues!

Module 22 : Short Terming With Jeremy and Donald

Adam…next addresses his zombie colleagues…Jeremy and Joan…as the three-some winds up its visit to the thought-provoking public library in the Great Salty City.  However, little could Smith know…during the break…Robinson…on the spot…excoriated a roomful of liberal political operatives…..

Module 21 : Fingers In Their Ears

In our last installment, our erasable zombies were pausing for a rest break…at the Great Salty City Public Library.  Then, as she walks briskly…before rejoining Adam and Jeremy, Joan passes an open door…and a meeting of great interest….

Module 19 : Assessing Trump’s Presidency

When last we followed our pugnacious-leaning zombie trio through the Great Salty City, Adam, Jeremy and Joan were touring the mind-expanding library designed by internationally acclaimed architect Moshe Safdie.  His is a unique building with two personas, as it were.  One side is logical and orderly…even as it projects cultural authoritarianism.  The other, curvilinear, creative…and surely “indom-itable.”