Module 25 : Grandpa’s Dilemma

Grandpa…our newest zombie character…reflects on the Industrial Revolution…and its impact across generations of his family…with Georgie…as Grandma was known…to those who loved her….

Module 24 : Grandpa’s Ethics

On the horizon…our challenge is to reclaim…not just economic principles associated with Adam Smith…but the moral spirit associated with him…as well.  Actually…Smith’s economics looked quite different from what…typically…the public expects of economists…today.  He was a moral philosopher…whose principal ambition was to ask and answer questions about so-called “right action.”  What should individuals and families do?  And at the macro level…Smith asked…what should communities and entire societies do?”

Module 23 : Here Comes Automation…Again

Its challenges have dogged the economy throughout the post-World War II era but in each decade the U.S. managed to adapt – to reinvent itself economically, even by absorbing some of automation’s darkest impacts. That is until now. Actually, the automation story began over two centuries ago in Great Britain shortly after the inking of our own U.S. Constitution. Three generations later, following America’s Civil War, the First Industrial Revolution finally arrived on American shores.

How Do We Get Our Mojo Back?

The mojo of modern capitalism is gone.

How do we get it back?

Follow the journey of three zombie economists who attempt to unravel the mystery of how to make capitalism great again.