Trump Times - Two Books

Two Thought-Provoking PDFs

ECON 101
Laissez-faire’s true-believers impede government’s role. Government is sometimes the only entity that can help us solve our problems.

Pseudo-Capitalism will be our downfall.

Donald Weasel Words
When you were little, did a parent read to you from “The Little Engine That Could?” If so, you’ll love Donald Weasel-Words!

It’s a timeless children’s tale retold for adults.

The Trump Years


Jim Sawyer’s Blog
Jim Sawyer’s blog of the Trump years provides both insights and entertainment. What are the driving forces that resulted in support of the Donald Trump presidency? Underlying the examination of the Trump Years is a question: is Enlightened Capitalism possible?

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What We’ve Learned
Check out Jim Sawyer’s assessment of crucial economic lessons for the 2020’s.  These bore into pseudo-capitalism and draw upon the best and worst of America’s economic wisdom, extending back all the way to the Enlightenment.


A Zombie Video Farce About Donald Trump?

Why Did You Guys Do That?

Zombie-economics or zombienomics relates to economic approaches that are proven to be ineffective yet somehow manage not to die. A zombie is an entity that is neither alive nor dead (the undead). These entities are scary and so are economic ideas that have been tried, have not worked, and therefore should be alive no more.

The videos will introduce certain characters such as: John Maynard Keynes (not zombie-fied) and Grandpa, who is not an economist but rather a generic ethical voice. Jeremy Bentham plays the role of a modern-day libertarian. Of course, there is Adam Smith, who, historically, is a moral philosopher and laissez-faire economist. There is something for everyone!