TRUMP’S COUNTIES Now we know.  There are two groups of economic losers who supported Donald Trump, and who support him still.  There are remarkable differences between the two, however. The first group, described as working-class folks, reside predominantly in economically blighted counties.  According to Brookings, the counties where Donald Trump beat Joe Biden contribute less […]

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Trump Times - Two Books

Donald Weasel Words

An entertaining and thought-provoking story based on a timeless story for children retold for adults.

We need a true “We The People” inclusive society.

Capitalism In Crisis - Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

Can we take control over our situation?

We can face uncertainty and the unknown from a place of strength.

Insights from Jim Sawyer . . .

Capitalism in Crisis - We The People

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Jim Sawyer introduces Capitalism in Crisis.

What should be done about pseudo-capitalism?