Module 22 : Short Terming With Jeremy and Donald

Adam…next addresses his zombie colleagues…Jeremy and Joan…as the three-some winds up its visit to the thought-provoking public library in the Great Salty City.  However, little could Smith know…during the break…Robinson…on the spot…excoriated a roomful of liberal political operatives…..

Module 21 : Fingers In Their Ears

In our last installment, our erasable zombies were pausing for a rest break…at the Great Salty City Public Library.  Then, as she walks briskly…before rejoining Adam and Jeremy, Joan passes an open door…and a meeting of great interest….

Module 19 : Assessing Trump’s Presidency

When last we followed our pugnacious-leaning zombie trio through the Great Salty City, Adam, Jeremy and Joan were touring the mind-expanding library designed by internationally acclaimed architect Moshe Safdie.  His is a unique building with two personas, as it were.  One side is logical and orderly…even as it projects cultural authoritarianism.  The other, curvilinear, creative…and surely “indom-itable.”

Module 18 : Summing Up: At the Public Library in the Great Salt City

We rejoin our unpredictable zombies…Adam, Joan and Jeremy…as they make their ways from a mash-up-type yule celebration in the Great Salty City.  Tragically, however, Bentham punched Smith, allegedly over ideological differences…in front of the crèche overlooking Temple Square.  Now, Robinson assumes the role of peacemaker with her male colleagues…..