Module 7 : Zombienomics 1.5

As the last episode was concluding, Adam Smith was flipping his wig…after being thrown out of the Trump White House…then sucked out of his Audi…through the moon roof. What else could go wrong?

Module 6 : Zombienomics 1.4

We rejoin Zombienomics, v. 1.4, as the White House air conditioning kicks on at daybreak. Is this it? Is demise of the zombies at hand? Check out this latest video to find out!

Module 5 : Zombienomics 1.3

We revisit the Trump White House just as the clock is about to strike midnight, and doom.  First, zombie economists Robinson and Smith dig into the profound significance of “context.”

Module 4 : Zombienomics 1.2

The enumeration of capital is the description of how each piece is used…productively…or not.  It is a strategy for stymieing productivity-sapping rigging and gaming schemes, often perpetrated by financial elites.

Module 3 : Zombienomics 1.1

Lookout!  Capitalism’s got a “bug” in it!  Imagine Adam Smith returns from the dead via Zombienomics, to collaborate on economic policy with President Trump.